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Best quality of products and services. Cost-effective solutions for medicine. We have combined the experience and power of the best medical equipment suppliers to provide you with the best solutions you need.

We represent a group of companies and leaders in the medical market in Hungary, Europe - internationally.

Based on more than 20 years of experience of our business partners, we offer new, post-conference, post-demonstration, used, and refurbished medical products. We also offer maintenance services, including the products we sell. We are also offering maintenance services, including servicing the products we sell. The wide broad group of our customers is the best showcase of our export activities.

Our mission

OUR partners
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Over 20 years of experience, innovation, and development.

We are the most well-known and recognized brand on the Hungarian market, with an impressive reference list and clients database, professional marketing and PR communication, qualified staff, and support by the best Opinion Leaders on the medical market. experienced and qualified staff.

We offer a wide range of products and services, representing Hitachi Ltd. and 13 other international brands providing the most advanced solutions for medicine.


At P4M, we specialize in selecting the best equipment for medical facilities planning to develop or modernize. We thoroughly analyze all needs and propose innovative, cost-effective solutions.

We offer a full range of technologically advanced PHILIPS HEALTHCARE devices designed for the most demanding diagnostics. We focused on a highly recognized brand, present in over 100 countries, valued for reliability, the highest quality, and innovation-oriented to the needs of patients.


We provide modern solutions for medicine and veterinary, delivering a wide range of products signed by the most renowned medical equipment brands.

We are exclusive Hungarian representative of HOLOGIC Supersonic, experts in new generation elastography. Our offer contains the highest quality mobile ultrasound with Color Doppler by SonoSite and cost-effective and hi-tech solutions by CHISON. We also represent Wisonic, a brand famous for its ambitious and advanced technological solutions for medicine.

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We offer high-quality products of the following brands:

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